What is MMS?

The Managed Mobility Service are a set of actions entirely carried out by industry experts to provide assistance to corporate clients towards a goal of wireless costs reduction. It is through the efficiency of our services that our customers save from 24% to 51%!

Reduce your cost

Want to save money? Outsourced management of your wireless fleet is possible at much cheaper than you think. You could save up to 35% on your internal costs and benefits with our expert agents.


Our customer service team will assist you in managing operations by keeping an eye on financial aspects of your wireless fleet while responding to your employees’ requests. Our experts will ensure that your contract conditions are fully respected and will systematically optimize all your mobile devices.

Monthly service includes

-Upload of electronic invoices directly from your wireless service providers

-Deep-dive audit of invoices to reveal deviations from contractual agreements and billing errors

-Cost and usage review against internal telecom policy to report delinquency

-HR sync process to ensure proper cost distribution

-Production of financial reports based on your needs

-Publication of account statements for managers and employees regarding cost and usage

-Credit claims and follow-ups with your wireless service providers